T H E  B A S I C S

  • Our mission is to pleasantly surprise you with each delivery
  • 4 subscriber plans plus a 1-time option to meet your timeline
  • 3 billing cycles: monthly or save with 3- and 6-month option
  • Free U.S. shipping or super low worldwide shipping included
  • Customize your subscription if ours don't fit for you

B E Y O N D  T H E  B A S I C S

The four Vinyl Concierge plans are designed to collectively be simplistic while giving accessible options to everyone--not an easy thing to accomplish or to explain we learned, but we've tried. 

We've added a one-time go-big option as well because we all get the impulse to jump in and out when the time is right. We refer to this offering as King Kong. Go ahead and laugh or roll your eyes, but keep reading.


Quantity Is Always The Same
No matter the delivery and billing frequency, it's always THREE records you receive.

Delivery and Billing Frequencies 
Whether you choose weekly, twice a month, monthly or quarterly service, your billing frequency options are monthly, quarterly or half-yearly

Exploit The Billing Options
Monthly billing makes payments affordable and absorbs the base cost over time. Quarterly and half-yearly billing have built in discounts that save you a lot of money long term.


It's Not A Subscription
You can forget all the above. King Kong service is a one-time order. Even with all the mathematical subscription possibilities, they don't address all life's fluctuations still making it difficult to commit to any combination of delivery and service frequencies. This service keeps everyone in the game all the time when it's the right time for you. That's a great feeling.

Heads Up International Customers
This is a tremendous choice because of our super low shipping rates.


Customize A Plan
As the fictional story goes, it was beauty that killed the beast atop the Empire State Building in King Kong's attempt to save a pretty actress. With all his good intentions and apparent invincibility, the great ape didn't have all bases covered, like a safety net.

Our unlisted Sound of Om service allows you to create a subscription matrix that works for you. Simply contact us with your proposal. We'll evaluate it and do our best to work with you.


Removing the road block
No matter where you live, shipping cost is not an obstacle to becoming a Vinyl Concierge member thanks to our strong relationships with UPS and DHL.

USA Rates
Mainland: FREE via UPS Ground or USPS Priority Mail
Alaska & Hawaii: $11 via USPS Priority Mail

Export Rates 
Region: Plans USPS 6-14 days (DHL 2-3 days) | King Kong DHL 2-3 days
Canada: $15 ($24) | $44
Mexico: $19 ($24) | $44
Europe: $24 ($33) | $59
Pacific Rim: $24 ($33) | $62
Russia: $24 ($69) | $115 via via USPS

All other regions: contact us for pricing.


Every 1, 3 or 6 Months 
Set it and forget it. Once you've placed your order, you'll be billed automatically according to your selection. We'll dispatch your orders dutifully as long as your account is current. We'll remind you before your payments are due so make sure to keep your payment card up to date in our system.


Maximize the Value
The base price for all the plans begins with QUARTERLY SERVICE billed once a month. From there, all of the combinations of delivery and billing intervals are discounted incrementally. In general, the more often the service and longer the billing cycle, the greater the discount. You'll see your savings compared to the base price for all options before placing your order..

W H A T  I F 

I'm not feeling a particular record or entire delivery?
We'll do our best to convince you why you should, but as with Pacific Beach Vinyl, we're always available to work out your happiness. Contact us and we'll see how.

And there you have it.

* * * * *