Vinyl Concierge is a premium record selection service offered by Pacific Beach Vinyl in San Diego. Believe it or not, when we started PBV, it was intended to function more like a record club. But things took off so fast with the traditional model, we never got back to the original idea--until now! So we're very pleased to offer this premium service now through Vinyl Concierge. 

Pacific Beach Vinyl is largely dedicated to selecting and importing limited electronic and dance music records. You'll have a good indication of the types of records this subscription will deliver if you know PBV as a customer and friend.

To new visitors, although we proclaim to focus on importing electronic and dance music records, the terms are not all encompassing. We'll curate selections that cross over to the expansive list of genres and styles defined by sound quality, musicianship and the tastefully unexpected, whether domestic or import.

Our strength is lifelong experience in global dance and music scenes and the relationships fostered over decades as a result with musicians, producers, labels, suppliers, studios, party makers and DJ's both in popular and underground circles. In short, the connectivity lends access to releases that otherwise may never see the light of day yet stylistically outperform a hot selling top 10 Billboard release of the week.

In terms of format, you'll receive 12' singles, EP's and albums as well as 7" or 10" singles from time to time. We have an eye for highly regarded reissues as well, especially those particularly unknown or forgotten--quite the arms race nowadays and our many good friends around the world are leading the way to exploration and discovery of these pieces.

We welcome you to Vinyl Concierge and look forward to serving you.  

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